About the authors

The EQ-ToolBox is provided by Six Seconds EQ Network, a non-profit organisation based in San Mateo, California. Six Seconds produces material, courses and conferences on EQ. Their EQ-curriculum, Self-Science, is taught all over the world and is soon to be translated into Japanese.

Fredrik Torberger, a Swede who recently became part of the Six Seconds network, wrote the texts on project support as well as drawing the pictures. As a graduate from the innovative Danish KaosPilot University he has experienced project work in several countries, and is now digging into the exiting field of emotional intelligence.

Fredrik is now working to translate the toolbox to Swedish. If you are interested in translating to another language, or contributing materials to the project, please contact us!
Mail Fredrik at torberger@kaospilot.dk

Josh Freedman is the Director of Programs for Six Seconds. While Josh delights in creating collaborative EQ projects around the globe, his real life work is at home with his partner and spouse, Patty. He likes playing with their kids, Max and Emma, who are busy teaching him what emotional intelligence really is about.

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